TranscendSphere: Your Weekly Guide to the World of Transhumanity #005

Hello, curious minds and future-seekers! 

Welcome back to another edition of
“TranscendSphere: Your Weekly Guide to the World of Transhumanity.” 

In issue #005, we invite you to explore the ambivalent relationship we share with technology as it becomes more entwined with our lives. 

As you sink into your reading chair, prepare to question, critique, and ponder the possibilities. 

From the uncanny metrics gathered by today’s smart cars to the moral dilemmas in Apple’s mental health features, we’ll navigate the landscape that sits at the confluence of humanity and technology. 

Plus, don’t miss our thought-provoking discussion on how Silicon Valley’s AI ambitions reflect age-old religious beliefs. 

Let’s journey together into the future, one nuanced conversation at a time.


Nissan and Kia, for instance, creepily claim they can gauge details about a person’s “sexual activity” and “sex life” respectively.

Honestly, sometimes I truly despair.
There is so much potential good from our advancements in technology but then as my Dad once said,

“It’s a beautiful day, and you’re the bastard that had to come along and ruin it.”
(Thankfully, not to me – ironically, in light of this article’s focus – to other drivers.)

Worse, I can’t find any justification for this behaviour by car manufacturers, beyond “another buck”.

In a similar vein, but with some points to ponder – and thankfully, a couple of key differences…

The Double-Edged Sword of iOS 17: Empowering Your Mental Health or Shaping Your Identity?

Unlocking the Promises and Pitfalls of Apple’s Revolutionary Mental Health features: a must-read for anyone navigating the intersection of technology and well-being.

Imagine a world where your iPhone doesn’t just track your steps or your sleep, but delves into the depths of your mental well-being. Apple’s iOS 17 is making this vision a reality by introducing groundbreaking features like “State of Mind,” a mood tracker, and mental health questionnaires designed for a holistic view of your health. 

But as we navigate this new frontier, questions arise about the implications. 

Will having a pocket-sized therapist empower us, or will it tie our self-worth even more closely to a corporate brand? 

This article, “Your iPhone will soon be able to track your mental health with iOS 17, but what are the implications for your well-being?” delves into these pressing questions, examining the fine line between personal wellness and corporate influence. 

This is not just a read for tech enthusiasts, but for anyone invested in the future of health and identity.


There are so many questions to be asked about the following – but my first question is: 

Would you like one?

When you’re interested in Transhumanity, you end up reading wide and deep, and it’s fascinating! 

Carefully, carefully does it, Humanity … 

The Divine Algorithm: How Silicon Valley’s AI Dream Mirrors Age-Old Religious Beliefs

Unearth the intriguing parallels between AI utopianism and spiritual quests, as VOX trace how Silicon Valley’s futuristic ambitions echo ancient moral and existential questions.

A must-read for tech enthusiasts and philosophers alike.

Ever wondered why the tech-savvy visionaries of Silicon Valley talk about AI in a way that feels almost… divine? 

A fascinating Vox article unpacks how Silicon Valley’s discourse on artificial intelligence uncannily mirrors religious ideals, right from the promise of ‘digital immortality’ to the utopian dreams of AGI solving all of humanity’s woes. 

The article doesn’t just stop at today’s trends—it digs deep into the historical connection between religion and technology, dating back to the medieval theologians who saw technology as a means to recover humanity’s lost paradise. 

Add to that the influence of modern movements like transhumanism, effective altruism, and longtermism, and you’ve got a riveting blend of philosophy, history, and cutting-edge technology. 

Trust me, this isn’t just another tech article—it’s a compelling journey that explores the moral and existential questions at the core of Silicon Valley’s pursuit of AGI. 

Curious? Click the link to dive into this enlightening read.

What a ride, right? 

We’ve scratched the surface of what technology can offer, for better or worse. 

As we wrap up issue #005 of “TranscendSphere,” we’re reminded that every advancement brings its own set of questions, challenges, and ethical dilemmas. And that’s okay! It’s in these intricate discussions that we find a path forward. 

Until next week, keep questioning, keep imagining, and most importantly, keep transcending the limits of what you thought was possible. 

We’ll be right here, helping you navigate the expansive world of Transhumanity. 

See you next week!

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